How to remove followers on Spotify?

Spotify, a world-trending application for streaming music and podcasts is so famous and public that every person can now easily listen to their music without any interruption of ads or skipping limit. Spotify provides its users with high-quality audio of music and podcasts. Moreover, users can make their own playlists to play their desired and favorite songs. Spotify provides its users with a “Spotify wrapped roundup” in which Spotify makes a list and provides it to users that whole year of what they have played and users can easily share them with their friends. Furthermore, like other applications that do not provide the latest songs and podcasts at the time, Spotify is different from them but it provides its users with each latest launched or released music or song timely.

How to remove followers 

The first and most important information that should be kept in mind is that followers cannot be removed from Spotify but you can block them or make your profile private so that they cannot check your activity on Spotify. Users can block followers in both desktop and mobile apps easily. So follow our given guidance step by step.

Block your followers on spotify

1. Open Spotify

The first step to block the users is to open the spotify on your desktop or mobile app to proceed up.

2. Click username

After opening up the Spotify interface of the application will be opened and you have to click on the option of username placed at the top right corner of the screen.

3. Select profile

Pressing the username you will see different options like account, profile, settings, and many others but you have to choose the profile option.

4. Open a list of followers

After opening the profile you will see your profile and its information. Just below your profile, there is a list of followers and following person to whom you are following. Click on the followers option and open it.

5. Select a follower to block him

Now the list of your followers is opened and you have to choose the followers to whom you want to remove them. Open their profile and do next.

6. Click three dots and block 

After opening the profile of your follower click on the three dots placed underneath the profile after clicking the dots you will see different option and here you have to click on the option of block. After opting for the block option spotify wants to confirm your decision again and do confirm. After that, your follower will be removed.

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