How to change your Spotify account Email

In the present era every person is involved and interested in listening the music and listening the music on a reliable and better platform is another level of enjoyment. Spotify is providing its users with such convenience and broad entertainment. Moreover, spotify is a leading music streaming application in which users can listen to each type of music. The latest and newly uploaded pieces of music are provided through Spotify in time. Spotify is not just providing its users with music but also with a lot of podcasts. Listening to music with high-quality audio effects enhances music taste and enjoyment and Spotify is the only application that facilitates its users with that features.

How to change email

If the users want to change their email on their Spotify account they have to follow the method which is given below step by step an important note that must be kept in mind is that changing the email on the mobile phone you must have to do it in the browser on your Spotify account page.

Open Spotify

The first and obvious step is to open the Spotify in browser and sign in to the Spotify account after which you will face its user interface.

Tap the gear icon

Now the most important step is to click on the option of settings or gear icon present on the top right corner of the screen which will take users to another page.

Choose view account

After opening up the setting or gear icon you will see another option like view account, profile, log out, and many other options. Here you have to opt for the option of viewing an account.

Tap Edit profile

After selecting the option of viewing the account you have to click on the option of editing the profile present in the list.

Change the email

After choosing the edit profile option you have to change your email by deleting the existing email that is provided previously and put your current or new email.

Fill in your password field

After entering the email you have to fill in the password field in which you have to put your current password to the spotify account.

Tap the save profile option

After filling in the password field, users have to scroll their screen and after that click on the option of save profile present at the lower right corner. After saving the changes your email will change.

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