How to change or forget your Spotify account password?

Nowadays every person indulges in listening the music and is addicted to it so listening the each type of music in high-quality audio is only provided on Spotify. Moreover, Spotify is an application that streams music all over the world and entertains users with its superb features. Furthermore, Spotify is also providing podcasts to its users. Users can listen to music online as well as offline. Making playlists and checking your top artist features are also added to Spotify.

How to change your Spotify account password

1. Open Spotify

First of all, you have to open the Spotify application in your browser and not on your desktop or phone application.

2. Sign in your account

After opening the application you will be asked to sign up and sign in. Here you have to sign in to your Spotify account by entering your username or email and your password and after that click or enter the sign-in option.

3. Open your profile

After signing in to your account you will face your user interface in which you will see a lot of options but here you have to click on the option of profile situated at the upper right corner of the screen.

4. Open your account

After clicking the option of profile you will face different options and in that multiple options, you have to opt for the option of account.

5. Press Change password option

After clicking the option of your account you have to choose the option of change password in which you can easily change your password.

6. Put your current and new password

After pressing the option of change password you will land to another page where you will be asked to put your current password and new password. So put your current password in the current section and the new desired password in the new password section.

7. Click set a new password

After completing the password task you have to click the option of set a new password which is placed below the sections of current and new password.

Reset your forgotten password

If users forget their account password then there is no worry about it because here we will guide you on how users can recover or reset their forgotten password.

1. open the browser and go to the reset link 

To reset the forgotten password users have to open the browser and search for the reset link of the Spotify password. After browsing open the Spotify password reset link and land into another password.

2. Put your username

After going to the “Spotify password reset link” you have to put your username or your registered email in Spotify in the username section.

3. Press send option

After giving the username or email users have to click on the option of “send” in green color placed just below the section of username.

4. Open your email in another tab

After pressing the option of send you will receive a notification of reset password in your email. You have to click on the link which will lead you to a new page where you can reset your password.

5. Enter a new password

After opening the reset link you will be landed to another web page where you will be asked to put your new password and repeat it. After putting your new password you have to click the option of send present below in green color to finish the process. Now you can use your new password to sign in to your account.

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