How to see your top artist on Spotify?

A music streaming application that provides the features of listening to music online as well as offline and entertaining the users with podcasts is only provided in Spotify. Moreover, Spotify is an amazing application where users can listen to music with unlimited skips and they can also make their playlists for listening the music according to their own choice. Furthermore, Spotify is providing its users with a high-quality music experience by which users can enjoy their music. However, Spotify is also providing a feature by which its users can easily listen to music offline by downloading it.

How to check the list

There are many methods by which users can easily check their top artists. Wrapping, stats for Spotify, web browser, and Spotify app are such ways by which users can easily check their top artists. So step by step we will guide you on how to check top artists by each method.

By wrapping 

Follow the following steps to check the top artist list by wrapping.

1. Open Spotify and click search bar

In the wrapping process, users have to open Spotify and click on the option of the search bar placed at the top of the screen.

Type wrapped in the search bar

After opening the search bar you have to write a word wrapped in the search bar.

3. Open up “your top songs” options

After entering the wrapped-in search bar you will see some different options and here you have to click on the option of your top songs with a mad for you tag. Here you have to click on the option of your top songs and after that, you will see your playlist that you have played and the top artist to whom you have listened.

My stats for Spotify

The most recommended and used method for the checking of top artists is the stats for Spotify. Let’s come and follow the given steps.

1. visit the stats for Spotify

The first step to check the top artists in this method is for users to open the site of stats for Spotify. 

2. Sign in your account

After opening the site of stats for Spotify you have to sign in to your Spotify account and if you are already logged in then you have to permit to access your Spotify account by clicking the agree option placed at the down side of the page.

3. Tap the top artist option

Now you have to click on the option of the main menu or top artist placed at the middle of the page.

4. Check the list

After clicking the option of top artist you will land on a different page where you will see your list of songs which you have played in the last four weeks. You can also switch and increase your time from the last six months to all time.

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